Diego Martello Panno

Buying wine is a matter of trust. Wine sales must be responsibility. Knowledge and taste is also necessary. In addition, a good relationship with winemakers and wine drinkers. A native of southern Italians, a graduate technologist wine and wine lover, I see myself not only as a holder of a Vinoteca, but would rather bring my clients closer to the variety and delicacy of the various wines. I am now since 2001 in the wine industry operates and lay special emphasis on quality. For what is to end on the palate with a happy feeling enjoyment, must also start with a neat beginning in the vineyard. Without honesty, I would and could not carry my wine shop. My motto is: "Veni, vidi, vini," which means; Come, See and choose the right grape juice. Our business partners and wine producers are quality conscious, straight, uncompromising, yet modest. That's what makes good wines.

In our wine bar you will find a wide assortment of Italian wines as well as wines from Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. A high quality selection of culinary products allows an individual collection of gift baskets and sets us apart from other wine merchants from.

At the beginning of my wine career, I read an article in a famous wine magazine. In this article, I remembered a quote from Robert Mondavi particularly. At that time I could not quite interpret the entire contents of this quotation. But today I understand what he meant exactly:

"Follow your passion. Power in your heart and soul. Settle for nothing less than excellence. And with enough hard work and faith in yourself, you can realize your dreams."

With best regards e un saluto
Diego Martello Panno